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Quick Guide to Digital Flashcards

So a few weeks ago, I posted free digital flashcards. Some of you may be wondering why do I need digital flashcards? If you already made the switch to digital planning and note-taking, digital flashcards are the next step for digital studying.

What are Digital Flashcards?

Digital flashcards come as a clickable PDF file, much like digital planners, notebooks, etc. Each "page" is either the front or back of a flashcard, with the exception of a cover card and index card.

What are the Benefits of Digital Flashcards?

Physical flashcards are really easy to lose, get worn down, and end up in the trash when you are done with them. Digital flashcards stay in the cloud or on a storage device, so you don't lose them as long as you keep them saved to a few different places in case of technical malfunctions. They won't get smudged or torn, and you don't have to worry about excess waste.

It is also really easy to add diagrams, charts, graphs, or equations to them. All you have to do is screenshot and crop the image you would like to use, and paste it onto the card.

Now I know studies have shown that students retain information better when they handwrite things, due to muscle memory. If that is the case for you, don't think the digital flashcards won't work for you. These digital flashcards are versatile. As long and you have a touch screen device and a stylus, you can handwrite on these cards as well!

How to Use Digital Flashcards

If you're already part of the digital planning and note-taking world, using digital flashcards will come easily. They come as a PDF, and any app that allows for PDF annotation and supports hyperlinks will allow the file to work as intended.

Our digital flashcards at Kaliora Digitals come with a cover card where you can write down the subject, what test/exam these cards are for, what topics they cover, or whatever works best for you.

After the cover card, we place a linked index card. With these, you can keep track of the topics of each card. We also have the index divided into 4 subcategories that you can use to separate your cards. You can also opt to not use the subcategories. Simply write the topic in the designated spot, and then you can easily access that card by clicking the number next to it. Clicking this number will take you to the front of the card.

Once you have gone to the front of the card, you can write the question or term. Then there will be a link to the back of the card, where you can write the answer. You can also easily access the index from both sides of the card.

Once you have written in all the information you need to study, Simply access the index card to select where you want to begin.

Ready to begin?

The best way to decide if digital flashcards will work for you is to give them a try! But don't go off and purchase the first set you see. We have a special freebie just for our subscribers. Simply access our freebie page to download your free set of Pastel Peacock Digital Flashcards!

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