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7 Amazing Youtube Channels for College Students

Being a college student involves a lot of studying. We study for hours and hours. I don't know about you guys, but a general rule of thumb in the colleges and universities in my area is "For every hour in class, you need to study outside of class for 3 hours". That's a lot of time to be flipping through flashcards, reading textbooks, and taking notes. It becomes almost a subconscious thing, and your mind may not be really absorbing what you are studying when you are doing repetitive tasks for hours on end.

Youtube videos are an excellent way to study your material. Not only are they interactive, but they can be entertaining as well. Youtube videos have been a lifeline so far in my college career. Being a Biology major, I have to take a lot of science classes, and although I love almost every field of science out there, sometimes I've ended up with a less-than-great professor. You know the feeling, right?

If you haven't already started using Youtube videos for studying, or are looking for more, I'm here to help direct you to the best ones! These are all Channels that have personally helped me through many of my classes.

It's Okay to be Smart is an amazingly fun Youtube Channel. While it may not help with coursework too much, it will definitely give you some great ideas for a research project. Also, he just has amazing and cool information to share.

The Amoeba Sisters have great animation and storytelling in their biology videos. They entertain you while they teach you and really keep you focused on what they are saying. It's always great to not be bored to death, especially if biology isn't your thing.

If you need help with any Science or Math-related class, The Organic Chemistry tutor will be an amazing help. He covers a wide variety of topics from Finances to Calculus, and Chemistry to Physics. He has hundreds of videos and will most likely cover the math or science topic you need help with.

Paul Andersen over at Bozeman science also has a huge collection of science videos on virtually every topic. He uses images and real-time drawings to help explain concepts.

Khan academy is a great resource for all topics, not just science and math. They also cover history, astronomy, computing, and more. If you haven't already heard of khan Academy, you definitely need to check them out. They also have a completely free app with even more information.

Moof University is the only reason I passed Biochemistry. He has amazing videos and walks you through his diagrams. He also helps give you tips to memorize things when he can. He specializes in Biochemistry but also has a good selection of General Chemistry videos as well.

Crash Course is another channel that covers a wide variety of topics. Their videos are always entertaining, and the animation that is thrown in helps to explain things and keep it interesting. They also use real-life video footage of concepts to help illustrate what they are explaining.

Well, that's it! These are some of the best channels to help with studying and homework, too! I rely on all of these heavily for most of my science classes. What are your favorite Youtube Channels? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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