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Pastel Peacock - Free Digital Flashcards

Hello Everybody! Now that the new semester is in full swing, I've been trying to reduce the amount of things I carry around campus with me. I love flashcards, but carrying around numerous stacks of flashcards gets to be a hassle. I also have a problem with not being able to find certain ones because they end up falling out of their rubber band or falling under my desk to be lost forever.

I decided to try out digital flashcards. Making my flashcards digital allows me to access them through my laptop, and always have them organized. So now I am sharing them with you!

The "Pastel Peacock" Digital Flashcards match Planner, Bullet Journal, and Notebook of the same name. This PDF comes with a customizable cover where you can title them, and an index that is separated into 4 sections. Each section has room for 20 cards with a front and a back. You can preview some of the cards below. To download, sign up for my newsletter to get your code for access to my freebies. These flashcards will only be free for a short time before they get listed on my Etsy page.

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