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Project Life In-App Freebies

The Project Life App is mostly free, but there are some functions and kits available for purchase. For example, card kits vary in price and template packs are $0.99, and the option to import your own font is $4.99. The app comes with 4 kits, 14 templates, and 15 fonts ready to go, but there are so many more freebies hiding in this app!

In order to find these freebies, you must access your kits. If you remember from our Project Life Navigation Tutorial, you can access your kits from the folder icon in the bottom left corner on the main screen (yellow). Underneath your kits will be a list of "More Kits". This is where you will go to purchase kits and "purchase" your free kits. The kits will be listed in alphabetical order, and you will find the free kits mixed in.

Here is a list of in-app free kits, we even have a quick-glance pin for you to save:

  • Capture Life Themed Cards

  • Celebrate Every Day Photo Overlays

  • Celebrate Themed Cards

  • Cherry Edition

  • Documenting Disasters Edition

  • Essential Overlays - Black

  • Essential Overlays - White

  • Good Life 4x4 Quotes

  • Kraft Edition

  • Midnight Edition

  • Neutral Cards

  • School Themed Cards

  • Strawberry Edition

  • Teacher Appreciation Themed Cards

  • Wish Big Card Collection

  • Wish Big Photo Overlays

Some of these will already be found under "My Kits" and some of them you will have to "Purchase". Of course, by "Purchase" you just click the button, and the kit will be under your kits.

Now that you have access to a bunch of new kits, which one will you use first!? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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