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Use Printable Planner Templates in Your Digital Planner

There are hundreds of great printable planner templates out there. When making the switch to digital planning, it may be hard to find the perfect planner. Especially when there are hundreds of great printable planner templates everywhere. You may think that switching to a digital planner means that you must give up all your favorite templates, but I’m going to show you how you can take all of your favorite printables and use them in your digital planner.

Most printables come in a PDF format, so the first thing we need to do is convert the PDF to an image. To do this, you can simply upload it to any PDF-to-Image conversion site, and download the converted images to your device. Keep in mind, that you may need to unzip the images, so make sure your device has that function.

After Converting it to an image, you may be able to import it into your planner the way it is, but if you planner pages are a color that isn’t white, you may want to give it a transparent background.

To do this I prefer to use Photopea, a browser-based photo editing tool. But Magic Eraser and Procreate work also. Procreate is an iOS-specific app, but both Magic Eraser and Photopea can be used with both iOS and Android. Simply upload the image, and erase the white parts until you are left with just the template on a clear background.

Remember to save the image as a PNG in order to keep the transparent background.

Most printables will leave you left with black lines on a clear background. This will be ready for import into your planner, after you save it as a PNG image. However, this will not work for those of you that have a planner with a black or dark background.

This is another problem that is an easy fix. After you have made the background transparent, you just need to invert the rest of the image. This will make everything black become white and easily seen against a dark background.

In Photopea: Image > Adjustments > Invert

In Procreate: Double-tap the layer, select invert.

After inverting the image, make sure it is saved as a PNG to import into your dark planner!

Now you can easily convert all your favorite printable templates for use in your digital planner. Be sure to let us know in the comments which templates you MUST have in your planner!

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