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Digital Scrapbooking - May 2020, Week 4

Hello, fellow memory keepers! I hope you are all staying safe and documenting all those memories. I am working on scrapbooking each week as it comes, trying to get into the habit of staying up-to-date before I tackle past years. I have also recently decided to make a "Global/Current Events" album to be able to look back on and remember what the world was like.

This week we did a lot of kayaking. Although the governor has lifted the stay at home order slightly, I will most likely not be returning to work until the fall. The weather has been super nice, and kayaking is probably the only thing getting us out of the house right now. I may add some text to this page about the wildlife we see and the places we stop along the way to swim.

Setting up this page, I realized there really aren't any scrapbooking or Project Life Kits for Kayaking, so I will most likely make one myself, which I'm super excited about. I did find some clipart on Etsy though. The cartoon look really isn't my style, so I will most likely be editing this page after I make a kayaking kit.

This page was made using a Project Life PSD template from Etsy that was imported into Procreate, and I adjusted the size of some of the boxes. We would love to hear from you: What pages have you finished this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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