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How to Use the Project Life App to Create Physical Photo Albums

Updated: May 19, 2020

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In my last Project Life post, we walked you through creating a spread, and I briefly mentioned that there were options for displaying your completed pages. Today we are going to briefly discuss your digital options, but mostly focusing on physical options. Both are great, and I would recommend implementing both physical and digital albums.

Digital Photo Albums

There are many ways to share your Scrapbooks digitally. Sharing them digitally allows far-away family members to enjoy memories that they may not be able to be present for. My grandmother absolutely adores getting updates, and using digital scrapbooking allows you to capture more feelings.

Social Media

A super simple option for sharing your albums digitally is to create an album on Facebook for all of your spreads. This way, connected family members can easily click through your pages.

You can also create albums on cloud services and share the link with family members. This option is preferable if you have people on your social accounts that you don't want to have access to your personal life. Back in my Farmville days, I added all sorts of randoms on Facebook to play the game with.

A favorite of mine is creating a private Instagram. Instagram displays the pages so perfectly, I can't help but love this option.

Creating a PDF of your Pages

You can also easily use Xodo to create a PDF of images. This option allows you to create a PDF of the album to share with family and friends. This option also allows you to put them in a specific order so viewers can follow along chronologically.

Physical Photo Albums

Although I am all about the digital world, I cannot stress enough about the importance of physical photo albums. They are perfect for pulling out at family gatherings and reminiscing together. You should never get rid of your digital spreads, just in case a photo album gets ruined, but you should also always have physical albums for the same reasons. It is super easy and affordable to create photo books out of your Project Life spreads, regardless of whether they were made in the app or in photoshop.

You also have many options for creating a physical album, and we are going to help you understand all of your options today.

Printing Individual Pages

You can print out individual pages from the Project Life Printing Service, or from any printing service of your choosing. This includes Shutterfly, Snapfish, Persnickety Prints, etc. Once you have your physical pages printed, you can use them in one of two ways:

  1. Full Pages: Insert your full pages into sheet protectors or hole punch them and put them into a 3-ring binder, or just add rings to them.

  2. Separating Cards: You can also cut out the individual cards and photos and put them into the pocket protectors.

Printing Photo Books

You can upload your spreads to these same sites and create a photo album. The pricing is all about the same, but Shutterfly seems to have a good amount of sales and deals. Keep in mind, when using Shutterfly, your images cannot be PNG. You will also most likely want to use the full page layout for your spreads.

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