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Digital Journaling - 30 Prompts plus free Digital Journal

Digital Journaling is a great way to express your feelings and relieve any pent-up stress you might be holding on to. Sometimes, writing out our feelings can help us understand them and learn from them. This, in turn, allows us to grow as individuals.

Writing and journaling can also bring peace and stress relief. It allows us to get in tune with ourselves, and realize why we are the way we are. I recommended setting aside 10-15 minutes every day to write as much as you can about whatever has been on your mind. once you get into the habit, you might find yourself writing more and more, and just getting lost in your writing.

Today I have assembled 30 Journaling prompts to get you started with Digital journaling, along with a free digital journal!

Journaling Prompts

1. Write yourself a love letter.

2. Who are the most important people in your life? Why?

3. What is your favorite childhood memory?

4. What are you grateful for?

5. What is something you want to work on?

6. Create a small-scale bucket list that you can complete within the year.

7. What is your favorite memory?

8. What can you do to make tomorrow better than today?

9. What is one thing you want to be better at? How can you make it happen?

10. What skills do you have that you are proud of?

11. What inspires you? Why?

12. Describe your "Dream Life".

13. How have you grown in the last 3 years? How do you see yourself in another 3 years?

14. What achievements are you most proud of?

15. What are 5 things that will always bring you happiness?

16. Who are your biggest real-life heroes?

17. What goals are you working towards right now?

18. What is something you wish you had more time for? How can you make time for it?

19. What was the most terrifying moment of your life? How did you grow from it?

20. Write a letter to somebody you need to forgive. You don't have to send it. Just write it.

21. What would you do if money wasn't an issue?

22. What do you need to forgive yourself for? How can you grow from your mistakes?

23. What has been stressing you out this week? How are you going to handle it?

24. What are some little things that you appreciate?

25. If money wasn't a problem, what would you do the make the world a better place?

26. What is something that sets you off, even though you know it shouldn't? Why do you think you react to that thing so negatively?

27. What was your childhood dream? Have you accomplished it? If no, why not?

28. If you could become an expert at anything, what would it be?

29. What can you do to grow financially? What is getting in the way of that, and how are you going to overcome it?

30. What are some things you can't live without?

We hope these prompts can get your gears turning about some things to write about in your new digital journal. Hopefully, you will find peace and quiet in your writing. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get your free digital journal. We'd love to hear how journaling has helped you, so leave us a comment down below!

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