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The Best Photo Editing Apps That Pair well with Project Life

Updated: May 19, 2020

Project Life has a lot of great functions, but there are also a lot of ways to improve your spreads. If you incorporate some outside apps, you can really enhance your pages and let more creativity show through.

Keep in mind that you can't really do outside editing of the cards purchased inside of the Project Life App, but you can edit any card purchased outside of the app. If you are using Digital Project Life with a Photoshop-style program, kits are purchased and downloaded straight to your computer, so editing the cards is no problem. You can also use these apps to put stickers and styled text of your photos.

The kit I used to test out these apps is the Royal Blush Digital Project Life Cards. These cards are available in my Etsy shop for $3. Right now there are 56 total cards in this set, but I will definitely be adding more!


Photofy is my favorite app to use with Project Life. They have so many cute sayings and word art to place over your images. You can also add stickers and other designs easily to your page. This app supports PNGs and allows you to add designs to cards or photos within a few seconds. I think I made all of these cards together in under 2 minutes! Photofy often gets new designs added,


PicsArt is another easy-to-use app with lots of artwork that looks amazing on filler cards. Their options may not be as great as some other apps, but you can definitely find a good selection of quotes and stickers to liven up some of those filler cards. You will need a subscription to access some of their designs, but there are a lot of free ones. If you have a student email, you can get a subscription for $27.99 for the whole year!


Over is a nice app with a lot of possibilities. Much of the content requires a "Pro" account, but there are some fun things to play with that are free. The Pro account would definitely be worth it though, there are thousands of Quotes, Shapes, and clipart that you can add to your photos and cards. Understanding how to use the app is also fairly easy.

I hope you enjoyed seeing everything you can do with outside apps to enhance your Project Life! There are so many more things you can do with these apps, such as resizing, adding a filter, adding custom text, and layering elements. If you have an app that you love to use with Project Life, be sure to let us know about it in the comments!

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