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Procreate for Digital Scrapbooking

I don't know if I've stated this in a previous blog post somewhere, but the only reason I bought my first iPad was for Procreate. I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. If Procreate did not exist, I would still be doing everything on my Android devices. I wanted Procreate because I saw how easy it makes creating digital stickers, but recently I discovered something else: It can be used for scrapbooking as well. Just another reason why getting an iPad and Procreate was the best decision I could make for my digital life.

You can easily get a digital scrapbooking kit and import the individual elements along with some photos, just moving things around until you get something you like. However, you can pair those elements with a scrapbooking template in a PSD format. To show you what I mean, I will be using a Project Life-inspired template and some goodies from ScrapbookGems on Etsy to make a quick and simple layout.

After importing the template into Procreate, I can see all the individual "pockets" as layers. I like to rename them based on their location so I know where to place the picture, card, or paper I want to be in that "pocket". After I have my image placed directly over the pocket, I use the clipping mask to keep it within the bounds of that pocket.

I then repeat that process with anything else I want to add to the pockets, you can even create your own journaling and filler cards. For the embellishments, you can clip them to the pocket also, or you can leave them sitting on top the way you would for traditional scrapbooking.

Speaking of traditional scrapbooking, you can also use more traditional-styled templates to create scrapbook pages as well, here is a quick video showing quick layout I created using a template from ScrapbookGems and a kit from Oh La La Scraps.

Once you have a page you like, clicking the share button will let you export it as an image to send to your favorite printing service. You can also make it into a professionally printed photo album.

I hope you liked this quick overview of using Procreate for digital scrapbooking. If you want more information about digital scrapbooking, be sure to check out these posts!

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