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Level 10 Life - Introduction and Free Template

Hello Everyone! I am really excited to be here sharing my digitals with you all. You may have noticed a spread in our planners and bullet planners called "Level 10 Life". If you are experienced with bullet journaling, you may already know how it works, but if you are new to this, you may be slightly confused. We are here to help clear that up!

What is Level 10 Life?

Level 10 Life is a play on a concept created by Hal Elrod called 'Level 10 Success' where you measure your success or satisfaction in 10 areas of your life. There are many different ways to track your level 10 life, but we will be focusing on the use of a circle graph that is split into 10 slices, with each slice being further divided into 10 sections. The slices represent 10 areas of your life that you want to improve, or are just important to you. Each section within each slice is used to measure your success/satisfaction in that area. It serves as a quick visual to help you keep track of your happiness with those areas of your life.

How to use Level 10 Life

There are many ways to complete the Level 10 Life, but the main idea is to track different aspects of your life in order to be the best you. Usually, it is used to rate your feelings about the different parts of you your life, but it can be used however you think is best for you. I use the Level 10 Life during a short time span, usually a year, but it can be used during any time span of your choosing, whether that be a month, a year, 5 years, etc.

If you chose to use it for measuring success in different areas, you can set 10 specific goals for each area of your life, or use smaller, repeatable goals. I like to set 3 broad goals, so I have more options in order to achieve them. For example, when it comes to the area of generosity, I sometimes use "Help a Stranger" or "Make a Donation. These goals can include anything that falls under their respective categories.

I prefer to use Level 10 Life to keep track of 10 important goals in 10 areas of my life, which means I will be doing at least 100 things a year in order to achieve my best self. Level 10 Life can also be used with more specific and harder to obtain goals. These goals may be given a longer time span to achieve. Goals such as "Family Vacation" often require a lot of planning ahead of time.

Level 10 Life Template

If you feel like you're ready to give Level 10 Life a shot, you're in luck! Today we have a free template for you! This template comes in a .zip file with both a transparent PNG for use in digital planners/bullet journals, as well as a PDF to be printed and inserted into a physical planner. We would love to see you using level 10 life, so be sure to tag us on Instagram @kalioradigitals!

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