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How to Duplicate and Move Pages in Xodo

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

A common problem with Xodo is duplicating and moving pages. This sometimes leads to broken links and missing pages. Although this issue partly depends on the process used to create the links, some of this issue can be resolved by making sure we are properly duplicating and moving the pages.

Viewing Your Planner Pages

There are two ways to pull up the thumbnails of your planner's pages. Both options first require you to quick-tap the screen. When you quick-tap the screen, two bars will appear, one at the top and one at the bottom of your viewer. If you cannot get the bars to appear, make sure that you are not in edit mode, and that you are not taping too close to the edge of the page. Another problem you might have is tapping a link. Make sure you tap the middle of a blank page to pull up the bars.

Option 1

In the far right corner of the top bar, there will be 3 dots in a line, clicking this will open up a sub-menu. From here you will click "Edit Pages" and then "Rearrange". This will open up your thumbnails.

Option 2

In the far left corner of the bottom bar is a 3x3 grid that will automatically open up your thumbnails when you click it.

Duplicating a Page

When you open up the thumbnails. you will see a visual list of all the pages in your planner. Select the page or pages you wish to duplicate and tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner to open a menu to duplicate. Keep in mind, when you duplicate multiple pages in Xodo, the duplicates will be placed behind the last selected page.

Moving a Page

Before moving a page, you must make sure that it is not the original page. When you move an original page, there is a chance that links may become broken. So if you want to move a page, its good to always duplicate it first, and then move the duplicate. After you duplicate the page, go ahead and drag it to your desired position in your planner, and you are all set!

That's pretty much all you need to know about duplicating and moving pages in Xodo. You can also use this same process to delete or export pages as well!

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