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5 of the Best Facebooks Groups for Digital Planning

If you're just starting out with digital planning, you may be looking for inspiration, or maybe you need help with your planner. One of the best ways to get the inspiration and help you need is by joining Facebook Groups. They can really help you master digital planning. Thousands of digital planners congregate here, sharing all types of tips and tricks, information, and inspiration.

Today I have put a list together of THE BEST Facebook Groups to join for digital planning. Keep in mind, most of these will be filled with iOS users, but they will still have android users as well.

Digital Planning for Beginners is definitely the first group you should join. They have a mentorship program, units that walk you through various processes relating to digital planning. There are also regular postings in the file sections of free planners, stickers, notebooks and more.

This Facebook group is run by the creator of Lucid Pen. She offers tons of freebies and loves to see what you have created with her products. One of my favorite things about this group is her scavenger hunts: She creates a set of free stickers, and once you find and complete the set, you get an awesome discount code!

The DPC Digitals Group is another brand-specif group and is run by the owner of DPC Digitals. Here you will find tons of inspiration for layouts and use of DPC Digitals stickers.

A goodwin Design is another super fun Facebook group. DPC Digitals has a lot of freebies, and they have a punch card for the spread you post to win even more freebies. This is a third brand-specific group, and DPC Digitals is a great brand to get acquainted with.

Digital Planner Addicts is a great group for Digital Planners. This is the largest group for just general digital planning, and you will find numerous resources from members of the group.

Well, there you have it! The best of the best Facebook Groups for digital planning. If there are any groups you recommend, we would love to hear about them in the comments!

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