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You've Purchased your First Digital Planner... Now What?

So you've made the leap into digital planning and purchased your first digital planner. Some of you may have watched lots of tutorials and may be thinking, what do I do now? Well, we are going to walk you through importing your planner and setting it up to decorate. We will also talk about text and writing tools. Grab your tablet, download your planner (remember where you saved it to), and let's begin!

(This walkthrough will feature the apps Xodo and Goodnotes side-by-side, so no matter what operating system you use, we will get you through it!)

Import Your planner

The very first thing you need to do to import your planner into Xodo or Goodnotes (Unless you haven't downloaded either app, then your first step is to download your app).

In Xodo, you will hit the menu button at the top left of the screen, and look for your planner through the folder options.

In Goodnotes, you will see a "+" inside of a rectangle when you open the app.

We also have a more in-depth tutorial for importing into Xodo and for importing into Goodnotes.

Set Up Your Planner

Some digital planners come with preinstalled layouts and pages in the area they need to be in, these are usually ready to go for adding text, handwriting, stickers, and pictures.

If you have a Kaliora Digitals Planner, the templates are in the back of the planner. I designed it this way to give you variety, as well as reduce the file size. The idea is to duplicate the template you would like to use and move it to the month or section it needs to be. Some other planners are set up this way as well, or even blank to allow you to make your own layout.

If you need to duplicate and move pages, you can check out this post for Xodo users, and this post for Goodnotes users. Start with duplicating and moving just one page. Once you have your page where you need it, its time to start planning!

Start Planning!

There are a few ways to start to set up your layout, but I go with this method:

  • Start by adding the days and dates, as well as month and week. Anything you need to keep track of what days are what.

  • Add the stickers you like or the stickers you think you will need. Keep in mind that you can always move, add, or remove the stickers as you see fit.

  • Once you have your stickers in place, use either the text tool or the handwriting tool to add important information to keep track of.

It is important that you give yourself time to figure out what works for you and to find your planning style. Here are some tips to help you feel less overwhelmed:

  • Find free stickers and planners to try out while you are still finding your planning style. This way, you won't Purchase things you won't use. We have freebies here at Kaliora Digitals that you can get access to after signing up for our monthly newsletter. We have also put together a list of other places to get freebies from as well.

  • Organize your stickers from the beginning. Once you start your digital planning journey, you will most likely collect lots and lots of stickers and planners. It is important to keep them organized so you can find exactly what you want. You can check out this post on organizing your digital files.

  • Follow other digital planners on Instagram for inspiration, but remember not to compare your planner pages to others. You can find a lot of inspiration and new, creative ideas from other digital planners.

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