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To Kaliora Digitals

Kaliora Digitals is a digital planning, memory keeping, and studying blog. 

I created as a way to connect with other non-iOS users who find it hard to find resources that aren't specific to iOS. When I began my digital planning journey, I believed I HAD to purchase an iPad in order to be successful (Spoiler: you don't!).  I'm here to show you how to digitally plan without Goodnotes, Procreate, or Keynote. But don't let that push you iOS users away. My products are tested in Goodnotes, and will work for you guys as well!

Here at Kaliora Digitals, you will find a large selection of Digital planners, notebooks, bullet journals, diaries, templates, and more. You will also find information regarding the options you have for Android planning. Signing up for our newsletter will provide you with monthly updates about what's going on here at Kaliora Digitals, as well as give you access to our selection of free resources. 

A Bit About Me

I'm Sara, a full time student and mom to an amazing 5-year old boy. Although I have no professional training, I've been creating graphics since the Myspace days, when I spent a lot of time designing themes for pages. 

Recently, I discovered Digital Planning, and I never looked back. 

I enjoy digital planning for a variety of reasons, but mostly for convenience and customization. I got tired of always looking for my planner, or having to flip through pages to find the page I needed. Plus, my planner was very bulky and takes up a lot of space. However, I always have my laptop or tablet on me, and readily available. Digital planning seemed like a no-brainer. 

I started creating my own digital planners, and I enjoyed the process and the sense of accomplishment that came with completing a new planner or notebook so much that I decided I wanted to share them with the world (and let me be honest, with being a college student, a little extra income doesn't hurt either). 

After discovering digital planning, I started looking into other ways to digitize my life. This led me to digital journaling, digital flashcards, and digital note-taking. 

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